Frequently Asked Questions about Refill kits


1. What does refilling a cartridge mean?
      Refilling means recycling your ink jet cartridge. Basically you reload your existing printer inkjet cartridge with new ink. Refilling is good for the environment and can save you a lot of money on your cartridges costs.

 2. How many times can I refill my cartridge?
There is no fixed answer to this question because it varies from cartridge to cartridge. In general, you can refill and recycle your cartridge up to 8 to 10 times.

 3. When is the best time to refill my cartridge?
     It is always recommended to refill the cartridge before or immediately after it runs dry. Otherwise, inks may dry out and block the print head that consists of very thin and small nozzles backed by a thermal resistor that boils and cools the ink.

 4. Will refilling void the OEM's warranty on my printer?
     Absolutely not! It is illegal for a printer manufacturer to require you to use any particular brand of supplies. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cannot void your warranty unless they can conclusively prove that other brands of supplies will damage the machine. To enforce such a policy is in direct violation of the Sherman & Clayton Antitrust Acts. Don't be afraid to use your consumer rights and show this statement to any service person or OEM representative who threatens your right to choose your own supply sources.

 5. What is the proper way to handle my cartridge?
     Always handle your cartridge with care. Do not touch the nozzles with your hands.
When the cartridge sits outside the printer unwrapped, inks will dry out, and the nozzles may get clogged.
You will not get a good print output with a clogged cartridge after it is refilled. The best way is to refill the cartridge before it runs out of inks or keep the empty cartridge wrapped or in a ziplock bag for storage.

 6. What can I do when my cartridge is blocked with dried out inks?
      Put the part of the clogged nozzles in a shallow dish having warm distilled water so that the dried out inks flow out of it.
Let the print nozzles sit under the water for several minutes. Then, wipe off the water on the nozzles with soft tissue or cotton swab before installing it on the printer. Run the head cleaning routine, always following the instructions on printer manual. If this doesn't work or fix the cartridge, repeat the above said procedures 2 to 3 times. This procedure will not recover a print head that is burned out or destroyed. If this is the case, purchase a new cartridge and refill it later before it runs out of inks or becomes empty.

 7. What to do when my printouts have white streaks or show areas with no ink?
Check if the cartridge is empty. Then, refill the cartridge. When the print head on the cartridge is dirty or gets dried out inks, refer to answer #6

 8. Is ink quality important?
Yes, ink quality makes a big difference. The print head on your cartridge may get clogged or destroyed by the inks that can not match the OEM's specifications such as drying time, density, boiling points, viscosity, surface tension, L*a*b* color values and PH value.
InkTec inks are formulated and tested under strict laboratory conditions to ensure the highest output quality at all times as compared with other OEM products. InkTec inks guarantee that you will get the print outputs as good as the OEM's inks.

 9. What to do when mixed-color ink comes out after refilling?
Refilling too much quantity ink into cartridge usually causes this problem. To settle this problem, the users should first try to print text or any other content intentionally. It makes the mixed-color ink come out from the cartridge.

10. What to do when air bubbles are formed while refilling?
The bubbles don't affect printing. However, if the bubbles are formed, just leave the cartridge without using it for a little while until they disappear.


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