Brother cartridges for inkjet printers and fax machines

Our extensive line of compatible remanufactured cartridges are dye based ink generic solutions, specially designed for use with Brother printers. These remanufactured refills are manufactured in an ISO 9002 state of the art facility ensuring top performance. Genuine cartridges are also available for some printers.

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Cartridge Model No:
DCP 1000 Intellifax 1000P MFC-210c
DCP 1200 Intellifax 1150 MFC-420cn
DCP 1400 Intellifax 1170 MFC-620cn
DCP 8020 Intellifax 1250 MFC-885MC
DCP 8025D Intellifax 1270 MFC-970MC
DCP-8040 Intellifax 1350 MFC-1025
DCP-8045D Intellifax 1450 MFC-1770 DR-510
  Intellifax 1500 MFC-1780
FAX 560 Intellifax 1500M MFC-1850MC
FAX 565 Intellifax 1550 MFC-1870MC
FAX 1010 Intellifax 1570MC MFC-1970MC
FAX 1010 Plus Intellifax 1750 MFC-3100C
FAX 1020P Intellifax 1800 MFC-3220C
FAX 1030 Plus Intellifax 1800c MFC-3240c
FAX 1030P Intellifax 1850 MFC-3320CN
FAX 1820C Intellifax 1950 MFC-3340cn
FAX 1840c Intellifax 560 MFC-3420C
FAX 1920CN Intellifax 580MC MFC-3820CN
FAX 1940cn Intellifax 750 MFC-3900ML
FAX 2440c Intellifax 770 MFC-4000ML
  Intellifax 775 MFC-4300
HL 1040 Intellifax 775SI MFC-4350
HL 1050 Intellifax 870 MFC-4350MC
HL 1060 Intellifax 870MC MFC-4400ML
HL 1240 Intellifax 885MC MFC-4420C
HL 1250 Intellifax 900 MFC-4450 LC31Bk LC31C LC31M LC31Y
HL 1270N Intellifax 950 MFC-4500ML
HL 1440 Intellifax 950M MFC-4550
HL 1450 Intellifax 980 MFC-4550MC
HL 1470N Intellifax 980M MFC-4550Plus
HL 1650 Intellifax 2300ML MFC-4600 LC41BK LC41C LC41M LC41Y
HL 1670 Intellifax 2400ML MFC-4650 LC41BK
HL 1670N Intellifax 2500ML MFC-4800 LC41C
HL 1850 Intellifax 2600 MFC-4820C LC41M
HL 1870N Intellifax 2750 MFC-5100C LC41Y
HL 2460 Intellifax 2800 MFC-5200C
HL 2460N Intellifax 2900 MFC-5440cn
HL 5040 Intellifax 3500 MFC-5500ML
HL 5050 Intellifax 3500ML MFC-5550ML
HL 5070N Intellifax 3550 MFC-5840cn
HL-5140 Intellifax 3650 MFC-660MC
HL-5150 Intellifax 3750 MFC-6550MC
HL-5150DLT Intellifax 3800 MFC-6650MC
HL-5170DNLT Intellifax 3900 MFC-6800
HL 630 Intellifax 4100 MFC-7000FC
HL 630M Intellifax 4750 MFC-7050C
HL 630Plus Intellifax 5750 MFC-7150C
HL 631   MFC-7160C
HL 641   MFC-7200FC
HL 645   MFC-7300C
HL 645M   MFC-7400C
HL 645Plus   MFC-7550MC
HL 650   MFC-7650MC TN530
HL 655M   MFC-7750
HL 660   MFC-8220 TN560
HL 660Plus   MFC-8300 TN570
HL 660PS   MFC-8420
HL 665   MFC-8440 TN9500
HL 720   MFC-8440D  
HL 730   MFC-8500  
HL 730DX   MFC-8600  
HL 760   MFC-8700  
  specializes in supplying the consumer with Brother discounted printer ink and laser toner cartridges. Our line of products includes generic and genuine replacements for Brother, Dell, Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard ( HP ), Lexmark, Okidata, Panasonic, Samsung, Star and Xerox compatible inkjet cartridges. We also give our customers the option of purchasing Genuine products when a generic toner cartridge is not desired. All of our products are low priced very competitively to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels without degrading quality or service.

Our remanufactured ink cartridges and compatible products are dye and toner based generic solutions, specially designed for use with Brother printers. These cheap inkjet cartridges and refills are an excellent alternative to expensive new genuine Brother cartridges. OEM discounted ink, ribbons, and laser toner is also available for some printers.

Our Most Popular Products:

Brother LC31 Series Ink Cartridges LC21 Series Inkjet Cartridges and Brother LC04 Ink Cartridges and Refills


All generic products that we sell are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and may be returned for credit or exchanged for genuine products within 30 days of purchase.




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